Unique Ways to Save on Energy

You may be aware of energy conservation basics, but there’s a lot more you can do.  Check out this list of unique ways to cut down your energy use and, of course, save you some cash along the way:

  • Cover What You Cook – If you’re using the stove, cover your pots and pans. Your food cooks faster and it saves energy.
  • Use One Refrigerator or Freezer – Many of us have an additional refrigerator or freezer in the garage for food and beverage overflow. If you’re looking to cut costs, squeeze everything into one! The additional appliance could add $100 to your annual energy bill.
  • Dust your Fridge – Next time you dust your shelves and picture frames, don’t forget the refrigerator. When the coils underneath or behind it are covered with dust, they’re working harder – and costing you more money.
  • Turn on Ceiling Fans – Did you know that one ceiling fan can make you feel up to four degrees cooler? To save on cooling costs, install ceiling fans in your home and turn down your AC.
  • Open Inside Doors – Inside your house, keep doors open when cooling or heating. This allows the temperature to adjust more evenly – and efficiently – throughout your home.
  • Dry Loads of Laundry Consecutively – If you have several loads of laundry to run, keep your dryer running. This will save energy by reducing heat loss between loads.